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Something I noticed...

Younger people (particularly most teens and young adults) are all about rebelling and going against the norm. Yet, whenever they come across a person who thinks, looks, talks, or behaves differently, they poke fun and shoot them down, saying that they are "weird" "crazy" or a "freak". :\

I know it's completely normal to judge others, but I don't think that that kind of intolerance is justified, especially if you're someone who usually advocates individuality and being different from everyone else. Just saying...

Professor Layton is boss

So...thanks to the  video game renting website which is GameFly, I have been able to finally try out the Professor Layton games for the first time. There are many other anime games for the DS, but these in particular have been very popular with anime fans for a couple of years.

And I can see why. The art is great, the stories are awesome, and the dubbing is actually pretty decent. =D Even though I've largely preferred the original Japanese versions of anime to the dubbed in the past, I love listening to the English voices of this series. It has a certain charm to me. =)

So far, I've only played the first two games. Both of them are good. However, one issue I have with them is the fact that the game play is so heavily consisted of puzzles. =\ I understand that the games are mainly puzzle games above all else and, for the most part, they are fun to do. Yet, since I like the characters and the stories so much, I find myself wishing that maaaybe it could focus a bit less on the puzzles and vary the game play a little more. The second game (Diabolical Box) DID do that to an extent, with all the different mini games it included and I liked that a lot. Hopefully they will continue to do so in future games. I would love to see more of the characters outside of just solving puzzles. An anime series would definitely be awesome! x3

On a random note, Layton is a far more committed blogger than I am. I mean, geez, the guy is held captive, facing off against baddies, and running from danger and he STILL finds the time in the midst of it all to write in his damn journal. xD

Because I get bored easily...

New LJ layout. x3 Wayyy simpler and plainer than my last one, so I dunno. I may keep this one, but I may switch back if I feel like it. I bore easily.

Oh yea....Top Chef. =D I made a couple Team Stephanie icons a while back. 


Weird that I'm showing them now. Considering the finale's tomorrow. xP Ah well, better late than never. Besides, it seems like a good time to give Steph some support. =3


(Yes. Emoticons are necessary.)

Flexing my icon skillz (with PSP)! *.*

First LJ post! YAE! =D

Yep, I finally got PSP. x33 It's not Photoshop, but I think it works just as good. It takes some getting use to. At first I was winging everything I did (and still am somewhat xP). But I read some tutorials on psptutorials, which really helped. =3 

While playing with PSP today, I created a few icons. Mainly Naruto and Top Chef. x3 Two of them measure 145 x 143 and 160 x 156, so I don't know if they count as 'icons' per se. But wth, they look good, so who cares. xDD

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